Opening night for ‘Darkside’ performs well


Culture Section

Marvin Davis

“Darkside,” directed by Roberto Pomo and Lisa Ross, is a surreal journey through the main character Emily’s mind as she struggles with questions plaguing her own beliefs.

Throughout the play ensemble dancers act based on the music, but from the reactions of the other characters, it appeared Emily was the only one who could see them.

The play is based on the Pink Floyd album “The Darkside of the Moon,” along with Tom Stoppard’s radio play of the same album. This is the first time it has been adapted to a stage performance, with the album itself serving as the soundtrack for the play.

To prepare for the role, Jessica Brooks– who played the role of Emily– shaved her head for the part. The play itself has been in production for several months.

“It was kind of a hectic journey,” said Elizabeth Ferreira, who played the role of Dr. Antrobus. “We tried to make the play more relevant to our generation.”

Pomo and Ross were very pleased with the way the play went and how well the students performed.

“The students are the ones who took this journey,” said Pomo. “I’m pleased to know that this music and its message are traversing generations.”

Both Ross and Pomo believed that everything that was happening in the play is part of Emily’s imagination. They said that when the audience listens to what the characters are saying, it would be like they were calling out humanity for being selfish and wasteful.

“The message that’s being said through the play is like saying, ‘Are we really doing what we need to do?’” said Ross.

“Darkside” will be performed at the Playwright’s theater, from March 2 to March 13.