Diversity sees fairness on campus


State Hornet Staff

President Robert Nelsen has done an exemplary job in addressing diversity on campus.

His announcement of a new Diversity Office is a welcomed addition to a school where the majority of students are minorities.

Nelsen’s swift actions in addressing a hate speech message during the first week of school were also a great gesture for the university because they showed we have a president who cares about his students. The multiple events regarding diversity issues that have been held on campus show that the staff is doing their best to inform the students that racial or gender inequality cannot be tolerated.

It serves as a reminder that we, as the students of this university, should take a greater role in promoting the acceptance of diversity as well.

There is more that can be done. We can ramp up our involvement in these activities or hold events of our own.

The way we demonstrate to the public that Sacramento State is united is to show that we will not tolerate unfair or unequal treatment toward any race or gender and to support the efforts and events of our university.