TBD Fest brings music to 30,000 people


Chazwick Bradley Bundick lead singer of Toro Y Moi. Friday’s set at TBD fest.

Claudia Rivas

Sacramento is not usually the first to come to mind as the center for California’s creative hub. However, the city of trees is quickly becoming an innovative metropolis in mediums such as food, fashion, art, and music. These are just a few vehicles that define the city’s newest festival, TBD Fest.

This year TBD, which stands for “The Bridge District,” had over 30,000 in attendance over the course of the weekend. This is a huge step from the 21,000 it garnered last year in its debut.

“TBD shows how much potential Sacramento has as a city. Usually you have to go all the way to San Francisco to see big acts like Tyler the Creator and Chance the Rapper in northern California. But TBD changes all that,” said KSSU Promotions Director and Sacramento State senior, Jerel Lebson.

The festival was founded by Michael Hargis, in 2008. It began as a small celebration, called Launch, to highlight Sacramento’s creative community.

The mission of Launch planned to introduce attendants to emerging local, regional and national talent through an exciting experience.

The festival left no medium out. By hosting festivities, Launch brought musicians, artists, fashion designers, boutiques, architects, chefs, and other innovators together in one location and associated Sacramento with an experimental culture unlike before.

In 2012 and 2013, Launch began to expand into showcasing more successful artists as well as emerging ones. This includes acts such as: Chromeo, Girl Talk, DJ Shadow, Future Islands, Blonde Redhead, The Joy Formidable, Group Love, Washed Out, and St. Lucia.

In 2014, Launch became TBD. In being the most massive year of celebrating artists since its creation, TBD brought performances by Blondie, Justice, Moby, Empire of the Sun, Dillon Francis, Explosions in the Sky, Deltron 3030, and Keys N Krates to commemorate the occasion.

According to TBD’s website, “Our mission is to deliver a nationally relevant event that draws festival goers from around the world.”

Though no data of how much attention the 3-day festival brought, TBD did manage to grab the attention of music fans around the country from outside northern California to the east coast.

In spotlighting artists, TBD also gave various local businesses promotion as well. Brands such SanFran Psycho and Fresh Righteous Trends marketed various apparel, while food trucks such as Drewski’s and restaurants Federalist Public house gained more of a following through showcasing at the event.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sacramento food from friends, but since I’m a commuter I never really get the chance to experience it all. Even though I can’t try everything in one day, I’m glad TBD gives us a chance to try at least some of it all in one place,” said Sac State Graphic Design junior, Robin DeBold.

What DeBold means is that all flavors of Sacramento, whether food or not, is represented at TBD, whereas not many events offer a Sacramento experience such as this.

Though TBD is doing much to represent the Sacramento community, the brand still faces obstacles. The surrounding neighbors in the West Sacramento area have filed multiple noise complaints during its previous run.

To address that concern this year, organizers planned to end the festival at 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights and at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday night.

Though obstacles are of the norm, especially for new music festivals, TBD has definitely persuaded visitors from outside Sacramento and beyond to visit the city of trees. TBD is contributing to the cultural advancement within the metropolitan.

“TBD was an incredible experience not only for the music, the art, the shops and the food, but also for the way it brought people from all types of creative backgrounds together to enjoy musical favorites and emerging talents. It’s also a great way to get Sacramento on the map,” says Sacramento State student Ahreyal Mitra.

In the coming years it will be interesting to see TBD fest transform even more with the Sacramento community. TBD highlights the music scene Sacramento had that not many understood before. The city of trees is ready to show the potential it has now more than ever.