Student safety should be prioritized


State Hornet Staff

Shootings on college campuses are a terrifying but real specter that can terrorize a community. From Virginia Tech to the recent Umpqua Community College shooting, Sacramento State as a campus must acknowledge that this type of event can happen.

While some aspects of the campus plan to protect students- like the emergency notification system- are known to many students, we would like to know what else is in place to alert and protect in the case of an emergency. The ENS is not enough.

If there was an active shooter event on campus, it is not clear what students should do. We would like to ask that the campus make the safety plan for students and faculty more clear and accessible. We would like to know how the wishes of law enforcement will be communicated quickly to students and faculty in the event of an emergency.

We hope that such plans and systems never need to be put into effect, but in case there is ever an active shooter episode on campus it is important that students and staff know what to do.