Why we should not take Kanye West seriously about running for president


Tiffany Martel

I’m sure most of you have heard Kanye West’s newest decision about running for presidency in the 2020 election. Nowadays, it just seems that if you are fortunate enough to be wealthy, you can make the decision to run for a political position. And not just any political position, but president of the United States.

A great example of this phenomenon would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. We knew him as “The Terminator” but that all changed when he ran for governor in California. Not only did he run for office, but he ended up winning. Why? Because people (and especially our younger generation) think it would be “cool” for a star to have a position in office. When in reality, do these candidates know what it takes to run a state, let alone, a whole country?

Kanye West is a musician. Yes, many of us like to listen to his music; some may have even seen him perform live at a concert. But have we seen him exhibit the qualities of what we are looking for in a president? No. He is a performer, not a president. It’s just not right for someone to say overnight, “I think I am going to run for president.” Or in his case, blurt out, “I am going to run for president” at MTV’s Video Music Awards. When it comes down to our nation, we should have someone who has been thinking about this for a long time, and has put their time and effort into it as well. We want someone who has worked very hard to become our leader of this great country.

As a president, we want someone who has the knowledge and political background fitting for the position.

Take a look at some of our past and current presidents. The majority of them had political experience or a political background. Whether it was being an attorney, a senator, a judge, or they sat on some sort of political council, they all had a background in respective political and judicial fields. If we bring someone into office such as Kanye West, or any celebrity or artist, what are they going to do for our country?

Does he know what is in store for him, and what it really takes to be able to represent a nation? Kanye West probably believes just because he is popular in the music industry, most people will vote for him. And yes, there probably will be a great number of people who will vote for him just because of that. But as a society, we should want someone who has the knowledge and experience as a political candidate before making a decision that will affect us for the next four years.

So before you make the decision of voting for Kanye West for president, take a minute and think about it. Do you want a music artist making our country’s decisions, or do you want someone who knows what it takes to be the leader of the free world?

So let’s not all jump on this “Kanye for President” bandwagon.