Food Pantry opens at Sac State

Jonathan Ayestas

The Food Pantry at Sacramento State opened its doors this Tuesday morning to begin distributing goods to students in need.

Hosted by Associated Students, Inc., students have the option of going once a week with a total of 16 points to spend on food, with the food points ranging from one to three points.

Davin Brown, director of Student Engagement and Outreach for ASI, said she was not expecting students to arrive right when the pantry opened at 10 a.m.

“We’ve been open not 10 minutes and two students have come which tells me that we are certainly meeting the need and respect of student hunger and managing the cost of education for students,” Brown said.

The pantry was designed to be approachable for students as a way to reduce the stigma of going to receive free food. It is open three times a week to allow more students with varying schedules to have a chance to visit the pantry.

It is unclear if the space allotted in Yosemite Hall will be enough if needs and donations expand, Brown said. At the moment, the 16 point limit is there to accommodate the amount of people they are anticipating to come to the pantry.

“If food insecurity for our student population is as big as we anticipated, we’ll need to manage that in terms of the way we distribute our items as best as possible,” Brown said. “If we need to make some changes and vary our structure, we have the flexibility to be able to do so, but the students will always be familiar with the point system and we’ll always operate within it.”