Exhibit: Treasure Revealed


“Einstein/Rhythm and Hue” painted by artist David Garibaldi is featured in the Treasure Revealed Art Gallery located on the second floor of the University Union.

Alyson Poveda

The University Union Gallery presented the Treasure Revealed exhibit on Thursday, Sept. 3, which exhibits a few of the art pieces that California State University, Sacramento has around campus.

The exhibition was intended to showcase the diverse cultural arts of Sacramento State.

“The campus owns thousands and thousands of pieces, and a lot of people, students in particular, don’t know about them and we thought this was a great opportunity for people to have a sneak peak of what is here on campus,” said University Union Gallery Studio Manager Rebecca Voorhees.

About 21 art pieces were chosen from six different campus collections. Each campus chose two or three art pieces that best represented their collection.

“This is just a tiny [portion] of a huge collection and it is a very good collection, it was hard to choose but it was fun,” said Elaine O’Brien, manager of the art department collection.

Paintings about Natives Americans from the Anthropology Museum and a poster of The Royal Chicano Air Force from the University Library Archives and Special Collection are two of the 21 pieces that comprise the exhibition.

One of the most liked pieces by the viewers was the Royal Procession Tableau from the Anthropology Museum, which was made of several individual cast figures. The piece is a representation of a particular event or ritual from the city Abomey in Benin, Africa.

“I like it because of its variety of objects on display, there are many sculptures and paintings,” said Sac State alumna Maria Rosa Clausen.

As did many in attendance, Clausen found the exhibition interesting and fun.

“I haven’t see them before, even though they belong to various departments in the university, but for me they’re kind of new, so it was a great idea,” Clausen said.

The gallery is a small room, which allows viewers to see all the art pieces easily. Most of the pieces where chosen to fit into the space and to attract the viewers.

The exhibition also shows the variety of materials used to make the pieces, which includes art made out of wax, gravel, paint on paper, drawing paper and lithographs.

Some of the pieces chosen by the gallery will soon be exhibited in other places at the University Union. This exhibition is an exclusive view of the new art pieces that will soon be part of the building decoration.

The managers of the event also expected that the exhibition will help them get some support to open a new gallery where the pieces can always be seen by the Sac State community.

The art exhibition will continue until Sept. 24.