ASI discusses diversity and inclusion

Angel Kidka

Associate Students, Inc. held a working board meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 16 in the Capitol Suite at the University Union to discuss diversity and inclusion, future traditions, and CSSA’s upcoming plans.

Edward Jones of the Women’s Resource Center, Pride Center and Multicultural Center spoke to the board about the importance of the diversity and Inclusion center on campus.

“We want people to feel at home,” Jones said. “People come to campus because they got accepted but finding a place that represents who they are is why we are here.”

Jones also provided a lesson in privilege and why we should all come together as one even though we are different.

“Privilege is like a smile, it can be given and received,” Jones said.

Student Engagement and Success Division of Student Affairs leader, Adriana Bolds, announced this year’s “Sac State Instagram photo hunt” on Sept. 26. It is a scavenger hunt where students in groups of four, with at least one first-year student, travel around campus and take pictures with their finds.

The first three teams with the most photos posted will win prizes, with first place winning an iPod mini and second and third place winning swag bags.

Bolds said this is more than just a hunt.

“It gives students the opportunity to meet and mingle with new people and form connections.”

Director of Governmental Affairs, Patrick Dorsey discussed the plans of CSSA to “explore the possibility and feasibility of co-curricular transcripts and portfolios.”

This plan is to help students showcase more than just their academics to future job prospects, but also their involvement in organizations.

More information will be announced at the next Board meeting, on Wednesday, Sept. 23.