Sacramento holds press conference for Anthony Sadler

Christine Kittle

Hometown hero Anthony Sadler has returned to Sacramento.

A press conference was held Wednesday afternoon in the Sacramento City Hall Plaza for Sadler, a Sacramento State student, who helped stop an attack by an armed gunman on a high-speed train in France last Friday.

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Sadler was introduced at the press conference by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson who praised him for his actions in France saying he helped prevent a massacre.

“And when it was time for action, one said go and they knew the others would have their back,” said Johnson when speaking of the three Sacramentans that stopped the terrorist attack. “And I think all of us felt an incredible sense of pride when we found those three heroes were from Sacramento.”

Sadler’s father Anthony Sadler Sr also offered his son praise and said he was grateful to have him back home safe.

“We are so grateful that they are safe and so grateful to have Anthony home again,” said Sadler Sr.

Sadler briefly spoke to the crowd thanking people for coming out, and that he was happy to be back in his home country.

“After such a crazy few days it feels good to be back on American soil, especially in Sacramento,” said Sadler.

This was Sadler’s first time speaking publicly since returning to the US.

The press conference ended with Kevin Johnson presenting Sadler with a customized Kings jersey with his name on the back after saying he had seen Sadler in a Lakers jersey.

Sadler’s father said that while they want to share their story, they would like to have some privacy for the time being. The family is also hiring a media consultant to help them with all the attention.

“Anthony desires to share his story with the entire nation,” sad Sadler Sr. “At this time the family is asking for privacy, give us a moment to catch our breath.”

Sadler is planning on returning to Sac State to start his senior year, but it is unclear what, if any, accommodations will be given.

“It is really important to ask him what he wants,” said Sac State President Robert Nelsen. “He has been through so much.”

Elisa Smith, with the Sac State Public Affairs office, said that Sadler will still be attending Sac State in the fall semester, he will be taking his classes from home for the first couple weeks as he needs time to decompress from all of the media attention.

Updated at 1:33 p.m. This story was updated to reflect new new information on Sadler’s return to Sac State.