Associated Students, Inc. Board of Directors will keep their position in office

Zack Jordan

The Associated Students, Inc. at Sacramento State announced that the elected board members who appealed against their disqualification will be keeping their positions in office for the upcoming academic year.

The elected candidates Yajayra Gonzalez, Iris San, Mark Anthony Sohl and Felicia Vasquez had filed for an appeal after the complaint hearing decisions were made for their disqualifications. Multiple Appellate Council meetings were held throughout the month of June.

The candidates had filed in their appeal an accusation of bias on the Election Complaint Committee board and for a violation of Article X Section D of the ASI elections code.

Article X Section D in the election code states to “disqualify a candidate from taking office if a very serious violation of the elections code or other very serious misconduct by that candidate is proven by a clear and convincing evidence.”

The Appellate Council Committee decided the violations that were made by the candidates were not “very serious violations” of the election code in relation to the amount of votes they received in comparison to those they campaigned against and should not be disqualified. They also did not find any potential bias by members of the Election Complaint Committee as said in the results of the council’s decision.

For more information on the Appellate Council decision of each candidate, visit the ASI website.