Band influenced by Reggae fun, rock n’ roll and jazz

State Hornet Staff

The April 29 Nooner hosted a local Sacramento band, ZuhG, at Serna Plaza. The warm weather combined with free popcorn brought in many passing students and staff to listen to the music.

ZuhG’s music is described as reggae funk with a mix of rock ‘n’ roll and jazz. The band was formed in 2007 by Bryan Nichols, the lead vocalist and guitarist.

“’ZuhG,’ means to be ‘unlike others and to do something different,’” Nichols said. “It’s my life to play music, it’s my job and career.”

The band has received recognition up and down the Pacific Coast and throughout the country. Their main shows usually range between California, Oregon and Washington.

“I live in Oregon now so we play up and down the coast,” Nichols said. “Anywhere where I can surf.”

Surfing plays a big part in Nichols’ life, aside from being his favorite pastime, the hobby also helps him with his creativity.

The other members of the band draw their inspiration from the crowd and from being able to perform their art for others.

Alan Ferreira, drummer and vocalist, said that despite having been in the band for only a year and a half, “it’s been a ride of a lifetime so far.”

The drummer draws his inspiration from the crowd and said that festival season makes him the happiest.

“Good local music and when a crowd gets going are my inspirations,” Ferreira said. “During festival season we play with big crowds and great bands, it makes me want to bring more energy.”

Ferreira said that their toughest times are when there are not enough gigs in a month since the members all play for a living. However, that doesn’t diminish their energy one bit.

“I hope to play in Hawaii this year,” Ferreira said. “Our goal is to expose ourselves as much as we can to the crowd there.”

The members also have personal goals for themselves, such as Andrew Barnhart, the bass and synth player, a newer member who joined back in September 2014.

“I have a solo project, Saint Solitaire,” Barnhart said of the indie dance rock band, who also has their own website and EP.

Aside from the project, the bassist has said that his favorite show with ZuhG was at Harlow’s Restaurant and Nightclub this past Halloween.

“We all dressed up as characters from Mario and other bands dressed up as Jedis and basketball players,” Barnhart said.

The band just recently held a CD release party at Harlow’s and are looking forward to their upcoming tour across the country.