Why California is turning you into a hippie

Brittney Christ

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Living in California is the dream of many Americans, yet there is a downside to all of the sunshine.

As crazy as this sounds, California has turned many innocent victims into a hippie/hipster. Many of us, being practically raised here since birth, have slowly been transforming.

It is all too easy since organic is the new black, and co-ops and Whole Foods are rampant. The laid back California lifestyle has made it an easy transition into home remedies and clean eating. Most New-Yorkers would turn their nose up at someone who would only eat a nut-burger, but it is widely accepted. Thankfully, people who have serious food allergies or a disease such as Celiac’s disease can rest easy knowing that there are numerous places where you can grab some gluten-free, free-range grub without breaking the bank.

The issue is not organic produce, or bath bombs, or even hemp clothing and lotion. The issue is that peer pressure is more indirect than most people realize.

Looking around campus, there are countless styles and cultures. What unites us is attending Sac State. However, hippie culture, or hipsters, are becoming increasingly popular across campus. Loving the environment and wearing heavy crystals while smelling like incense has been embraced by the California communities.

This indirect peer pressure comes from seeing friends posting on Instagram or Facebook, convincing you that you really need to be buying this new hemp product, or be on the Paleo diet. The things that you see influence you more than you realize. This is why trends take off. Someone saw someone else wearing a boho fishtail braid, and then they tried it, and so on and so forth.

Influence is everywhere: every time you check your Instagram, some female friend is at Coachella wearing a flower crown, along with her eight other girlfriends wearing the same type of outfit. Usually something along the lines of white-washed short shorts; extra-long tapered summer sweaters in a floral pattern; a crop top.

The same goes for the guys. Fedoras are still on the rampage, and more men are flocking to hipster coffee shops like Naked Coffee or Temple to enjoy a vape and some kombucha or fresh espresso while they listen to indie music and stroke their badass beards.

Although many of us appreciate the hipster trend since it brings awareness to how we treat our bodies, and focuses on a fun-loving, music guru, loose lifestyle, have the courage to be yourself. Just because you do not have a Look Book or you do not drink herbal detox tea while you make homemade soy patchouli candles does not mean that you are not cool in your own right.

With that being said, please respect the earth and all who inhabit it, but know how to be yourself. California could use a few more meat-eaters who like to go fishing wearing just a plain t-shirt and jeans. It could also use some water- but we are not getting any more of that soon.