Student government honors President Gonzalez

Jonathan Ayestas

Members of Associated Students Inc. recognized President Alexander Gonzalez’s 12 years of service as campus president with a ceremonial mention before commencing their weekly board meeting in the Foothill Suite at Sacramento State.

Lauren Lombardo, ASI president at Sac State, presented Gonzalez with a gift basket before he spoke at the podium.

“It really has been a pleasure working with all of you,” Gonzalez said. “I just wish I could have had the time to meet all of you one on one and spend the time that would be necessary to really get to know you.”

Michael Bloss ll, ASI vice president of finance, presented the budget for external grants, which are requests made by various organizations like UNIQUE for funding based on their needs.

The amount of requests is reportedly at an all-time high. Bloss said external grants should be intended for startup programs and should not be depended on as a regular source of income.

“We’re trying to use the student dollars in the best way possible, every dollar making sure it benefits the students in some way,” Bloss said.

Before ending his speech in the Foothill Suite, Gonzalez spoke about Robert Nelsen, who was appointed as the eighth president for Sac State on March 25.

Gonzalez’s term will end July 1, 2015, in which Nelsen will take over leadership of the campus.

“He’ll be really working well with the students,” Gonzalez said. “For those of you who are going to be here next year, I hope you welcome him and work with him and get him on your side right away so he can start working for you as well.”