Candidates running for student government president meet with possible voters

Christine Kittle

Three of the four candidates running for the office of the executive president for Associated Students, Inc. attended the last of six candidate forums intended to raise awareness of student government elections at Sacramento State.

The Thursday forum was where the ASI candidates could share their personal goals for the position if elected and also answer questions from students directly. They were all asked to elaborate on why they believed they were the right person for the position.

The first candidate to speak, Ryan Allain, discussed his pride and passion for Sac State, his desire to support all students and his desire to better connect the administration with the students.

“The thing that I have been hearing not only this semester, but from my last four years total here, is the whole talk about impaction, and we all realize that is an issue, but that is such a multifaceted issue that there is not only one approach that we can take to alleviate that,”Allain said. “One of the most important issues that students face is the rising costs of tuition for college. Although there is a tuition freeze, that ends in two years.”

Allain also wanted to bring awareness to how diverse Sac State is, and how he would like to promote that diversity.

“So Sac State is a very, very diverse college within the CSU [California State University] system; we’re in one of the most diverse states in the nation and one thing that really sticks out to me is that we are an Asian and Pacific Islander-Serving Institution and we just became eligible to become a Hispanic-Serving Institution, but under the eyes of the federal government and the higher education act, we can only be one,” Allain said. “And I think that’s not right that we have to choose to be one group or another. I think that Sac State should be able to celebrate both.”

Another candidate, Yajayra Gonzalez, said she wants all Sac State students to be able to say they are proud of being students at Sac State and for them to be aware of the services that are offered by ASI.

“There is so much that we have to offer; there is so much talent here at Sac State that we can be sharing amongst each other,” Gonzalez said. “So it is time that we celebrate the students; it is time that we celebrate you, that we take pride in our unique university.”

The other candidate present at the forum was Laura Grijalva, who said she is hoping to increase student pride, ASI transparency, and student involvement.

“I can honestly say that Sac State was instrumental in turning my life around,” Grijalva said. “I can see where I was five years ago and it’s a complete 180. I never thought I had a change, but Sac State has a lot of opportunities to grow. Sac state is truly diverse, is truly a great place to learn and grow and find out what you’re all about. It gives you opportunities unlike any other.”

The fourth candidate for the office was Mark Isidro, who was not present.

ASI elections will take place on April 21 and 22.