A feminists case for Game of Thrones

Brittney Christ

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Game of Thrones is a hit TV series on HBO that has hooked devoted readers and avid TV enthusiasts alike on the George R.R. Martin book series. 

Many people think that the show is glorified; it contains too much sex, violence, and curst language and is just another fantasy to get sucked up into for another binge-watching weekend.

Well, it is all true but that is what makes it entertaining; the best part of Game of Thrones is not the drama and intense deaths, but the strength of the characters, specifically the female characters. 

From the beginning, viewers have female characters Catelyn, Cersei, Arya and Daenaerys, who give women a strong voice. Later on the in the series, we are introduced to brave and hearty female characters like Brienne of Tarth who literally moves mountains, and the word warrior Margaery Tyrell, who was unfortunately betrothed to the mad King Joeffrey and somehow kept her wits while dealing with his deranged idea of entertainment.

Females make up over half of all fantasy fans. Finally, there is a show that exhibits the strength of women. Whether they are a reigning Queen Regent, helping their son lead an army into battle, or freeing slaves and plotting to take back the Iron Throne. 

Most fans find the women in the series more interesting and dynamic because of their ever-changing status within the seven kingdoms and how they deal with the patriarchal society they are subjected to.

Forget the sex and violence, in the near future, women could be running the kingdom regardless of the bloodthirsty, throne stealing men!