Expo promotes engineering students

Ruth Williams

The Engineering and Computer Science Joint Council of Sacramento State will host the Engineering Expo on Saturday, March 14 from 12-4 p.m. in the University Union Ballroom.

The Expo is geared toward grades K-12 and prospective students. It follows the Dean of the Engineering Department’s open house, where prospective engineering majors will take their placement exams and learn more about their intended major. Once the testing is completed the Dean will bring them over to the event.

The ballroom is expected to be packed with activities, exhibits and club representation. In the past, the Engineering Expo was hosted by Competitive Robotics with the main attraction being the “Robot Rumble,” according to the Sac State Engineering website.

The Joint Council is a gathering of various engineering clubs across campus. Some of the clubs include Hornet Racing, Competitive Robotics, Senior Projects, National Society of Black Engineers and Solar Regatta.

The Expo promotes the engineering college and its clubs and is an opportunity for the truly active students to showcase their potential. Hornet Racing Technical Director Jeffery Jackson describes the Expo as a showcase for clubs to show off their collaborative work.

“It’s a window into our school” said Jackson.

Their goal is to be recognized by all industry leaders who may be present. They expect the leaders to see their projects, hear about their events and be compelled to contribute. Organizations like Solar Company will be presenting their material during the event in hopes to attract future employers.

The council wants the community, students and faculty to support their clubs as members and advisors.

“Hornet Racing,” said mechanical engineering major and Hornet Racing member Anthony Melanson, when asked what event he was looking forward to most. “We bring out all the stops.”

The Hornet Racing club is excited to present the race car they built. The race car can drive up to 60mph in under four seconds.

The Hornet Racing Club builds a formula-style race car to compete in the International Competition each year. They compete against clubs from places all around the world like Japan, Nebraska, Canada, Berkeley and Davis. The race car is approximately 10-by-5-feet and operated by one of the club members.

“We have to conduct ourselves as a start-up business” said Hornet Racing Technical Director David Minnick.

Minnick said the Expo is an opportunity for prospective students to see what it’s like to be an engineering student and future engineer.

The council gives students an opportunity to share ideas, plan joint events like the Expo, and discuss student issues. The Expo is a chance for the public to see all that the Sac State Joint Council has to offer.

“We want to show the public what we can do. We want to show how good we are” said Melanson.

For additional information, contact www.hornetracing.net.