Band brings seamless tunes to Union

Claudia Rivas

On Wednesday, March 11, Sacramento State’s Redwood Room hosted UNIQUE’s weekly Nooner.

Last week the Nooner brought Folsom’s own alternative indie-rock band, PointDexter.

PointDexter was started by the band’s lead vocalist, keyboardist and saxophonist, Kevin Kinsella. Kinsella founded the band as a way to revive the area’s local music scene in 2007.

Kinsella graduated from Sac State with a degree in mechanical engineering and aims to also gain success in the music world with PointDexter.

“We like the music that we play and we try to keep ahead and be unique, said Knsella. “None of our songs sound exactly the same and we want that to be one of the reasons why that makes us stick out.”

With two albums completed, singles out on iTunes, videos on YouTube, and streaming sounds on Spotify and Pandora, the band is rising in popularity as time passes.

The band has been together for seven years and finds influences in The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and the Foo Fighters.

They have performed in venues such as The Boardwalk in Orangevale, the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Wheatland, as well as various bars and clubs.

Their style ranges in genres such as classical, blues and jazz. Jarom Horner, bassist, elaborated on the group’s distinct musical flair.

“We play a style that includes many different genres including: funk, alternative, hard rock and progressive. We try to be different and we don’t follow trends. We just do our own thing,” said Horner.

PointDexter is currently working on a new EP called “Rocket Surgery,” planned to be release this summer. A variety of festivals are lined up for the band to tour this upcoming festival season as well. One of several is the “Tahoe Festival,” in Lake Tahoe.

During their performance they played songs such as “Too Close” and “On the Surface,” which proved the authenticity of the band and the passion each performer brings to the stage.

Drummer Mike Mose, showed specific talent in his passion and energy on stage, while lead vocalist Kinsella posed as a triple threat transitioning from saxophone to keyboard and vocals flawlessly.

Sac State student Charles King expressed his impression of the band at the Nooner.

“They sound great because they seem to blend so many different genres together seamlessly,” said King. “I’m impressed by how the lead vocalist changes instruments and actions so smoothly.”

Rather than rely on vocals alone, the band allows their instruments to not only tell their story but to also prove their true talents as artists.

When the band covered songs during the set by the Foo Fighters and The Neighborhood, members from the audience responded positively by singing-along to the tunes.

For those that enjoy mellow hard rock with light vocals and sounds reminiscent of The Expendables, PointDexter is definitely the band for this type of fan.