Graduating seniors share college advice

Marisa Hildebrand

Some Sacramento State students have more to look forward to at the end of semester. In one week’s time, they will officially be college graduates.

Communication studies major Heidi Rene is excited to wrap up years of hard work.

“Oh my gosh,” Rene sighed. “I’m kind of stressed right now, but I know it’s a matter of days until I’m done.”

Rene is the first in her family to attend college, so her degree goes far beyond personal achievement.

With a hotel room booked in Old Sacramento and reservations at P.F. Chang’s, she is ready to start the celebration.

But looking back, Rene has a lot to miss at Sac State.

“I’ve just learned a lot from my Coms classes,” she said. “I had Pam Sanger for Interpersonal Coms this year and she is so incredible because she’s available to students. I really love her, she’s great.”

And as far as advice for younger students, Rene said it’s crucial to take advantage of all the resources.

“There’s just so many resources that if you don’t find them you don’t know they’re there,” she said.

Rene said some of her favorites are the AIRC and the terminal lounge in the Union.

She said the AIRC helped her most with Powerpoints and video projects and the terminal lounge is just a solid place to relax.

“If you’re stressed out or need a cat nap that’s the place to go,” Rene said.

But Rene is looking forward to her future. With plans to save up and move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in T.V., she now has a degree to back up her video production skills.

Adina Mijares is a journalism major who is also graduating this month.

Mijares left Sac State at one point to take some units at Sacramento City College to save money, and said coming back gave her a whole new appreciation for the university atmosphere.

“I like the environment,” Mijares said. “People are more serious and the university is more goal- oriented.”

She worked full-time through college and said it was a plus because she graduates loan-free, but said it did take her a bit longer to get the degree.

“I let my job take first priority, so it set me behind,” she said. “If school was first, I could be done a little bit faster.”

Mijares shares Rene’s advice to younger students about using campus resources.

“Take advantage of people who are there to help,” she said, and check back with them often to make sure everything is on track.

Another graduating senior is just plain “stoked” to graduate.

Amanda Moyer is a graduating communication studies major originally from the Bay Area, and although she cannot wait to graduate, she does have reason to miss some aspects of campus.

“I love the people and I love the campus,” Moyer said. “Sacramento is a great place to live.”

Of all her academic experiences at Sac State, Moyer said communication professor Mark Stoner was a favorite.

“I think Mark Stoner was my most difficult teacher,” she said. “But he pushed me to do well in his class. It is worth the effort.”

Moyer said the best part of Stoner’s class was that he “took a step back” and let students take the lead on some class discussions.

But Moyer said there is one thing she wished she was more on top of: internship searching.

“I really, really wish I did an internship,” she said. “I’m finding that out now. Even some entry level jobs require some previous experience.”

Working two jobs all through college, Moyers said she is most excited to graduate and stop the double-job schedule.

She hopes to pursue something in marketing, or in mediation and put her communication skills to the test.

Graduating seniors are ecstatic to graduate, but looking back on their journeys, they do have quite a bit to miss about Sac State.