Cosmic Vibe creates genre for positive change

Daniel Magalit

Spreading positive energy and propagating messages of love, the Cosmic Vibe record label is just one of many business ventures of the Shinshuri Foundation that are meant to support not only tuition free education but artists that motivate and inspire others to be better than they were before.

Through the Shinshuri Foundation, Tammé Shinshuri, wants to open up a tuition free school called Oracles of Truth Academy, in hopes that students will no longer need to incur debt by obtaining student loans that would pay for a traditional college’s tuition.

As one of the six ventures in Shinshuri’s business philanthropy model, Cosmic Vibe is set to become a new age label that gives more creative freedom and control to the artist and at the same time, promote encouragement and love.

The record label is part of a business model created by Shinshuri, called business philanthropy which is a mixture of non-profit and for-profit entities. Each entity within the Shinshuri Foundation will make money to sustain itself and still be able to give money back to the community through ingenuities like the Oracles of Truth Academy.

“Cosmic Vibe is here to contribute to [business philanthropy],” said founder Shinshuri. “[But] also to make money for the artist so they can retain more of the profits from the [sales] of their albums.”

Many if not all of the artists that are signed to the label seem to like the direction and the focus the label takes them individually as well as where the label itself is going.

“I love the cosmic vibe genre,” said Caramel Sassy, a new artist to the label. “That’s the kind of person that I am and when I write [it is about] a lot of things that [my label mates] are talking about.”

The cosmic vibe genre is also something the label is introducing to the music industry. The genre describes music that is positive and evokes love.

The musical style of each artist differs which make the Cosmic Vibe label eclectic in a way.

Caramel Sassy describes her style as urban soul while Don Slimz is a rapper and PoeticButterfly is a poet.

Cosmic Vibe is focused on getting music out that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy.

With a wide range of musical talent and spoken word artists, the label is primed for radio and its many stations.

“[Cosmic Vibe] is positive, it’s new, it’s different,” said PoeticButterfly. “It’s not a selfish label… this is for everybody. Everyone wins at Cosmic Vibe and I love that concept.”

Though the label is a company that will operate as a typically business just with a philanthropic vision, the artist signed to it feel that they are a part of something bigger than just music and making money.

“This is the path I want to be on,” said Slimz. “I feel that Cosmic Vibe is the platform [for positive change]. I’m in it for the long haul.”

The label, its artist and its founder Shinshuri, are ready to leave their mark on the world. All the people involved believe that in some way or another everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their community.

“The beautiful thing about Cosmic Vibe and the Shinshuri Foundation is that we want to show others how to open their hearts too,” said Shinshuri.