Seattle native entertains Sac State

Rian Edignton

Every Wednesday at noon Sacramento State students have the opportunity to attend a free concert in the University Union.

On Oct. 29 the band Joseph in the Well performed.

Joe Kye, 27, founded the band in 2013 after moving to Sacramento with his wife from Seattle, Washington.

Kye said he started the band because he was unhappy with his teaching job.

“I love music, it’s what makes me tic,” Kye said. “I began to ask myself why I was teaching. I loved creating an experience for my students but when I moved here I realized I wanted to do music full-time.”

Sacramento has a unique music scene because there is no established genre for the area; unlike Seattle, which is known for its grunge scene.

“I feel like Sacramento is a place where new things can start,” Kye said.

During his concert, Kye and his bandmates played a collection of songs that Kye wrote, as well as a cover of a Lorde song.

“I’ve played here before and I love it,” Kye said. “The Unique volunteers are amazing and it’s a way to connect Sac State students with the cultural renaissance happening in Sacramento right now.”

The band performed their songs “Clear Eyes” and “Happy Song.”

Kye focuses his lyrical content on writing about his experiences of being an immigrant to the U.S.

He introduced one song as his artistic take on the fluidity of religion and identity.

Kye played violin as well as electric guitar, while the upright base was played by Casey Lipka and percussion was manned by Tim Stephenson.