Popular comedian packs punches with words for his free show

Justyce Mirjanovic

When Ron Funches walked on the stage prepared to make the audience laugh, all he had to do was giggle.

Funches has worked on shows such as “New Girl” ,“Bob’s Burgers” and currently stars in a series called “Undateable” as Shelly.

Funches was successful in entertaining the audience at Sacramento State as he celebrated his eighth year of doing stand-up comedy.

“I just really didn’t have any other options, I love comedy,” Funches said. “I love seeing this, I love people laughing.”

Funches tried to get a “real” job when he was younger, but found he would lose interest after six months and get fired or quit. As he sat smoking his medical marijuana during the interview, he explained one of his favorite parts of being a comedian was being able to get away with breaking rules.

“This part’s good [smoking in public], cause I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to be doing this,” Funches said. “That’s probably one of the most truthful things I can say, is that rules kind of start to not apply and that’s fun.”

Funches’ two favorite shows he did revolved around his hero, Dave Chappelle.

He got to open for Chappelle and said it was one of the best times he has ever had as a comedian. Everybody wanted to see Chappelle, but Funches was not accepting defeat. He was able to turn the crowd around and make them his fans.

At another one of his favorite shows, Chappelle showed up at the end to congratulate and tell him how funny he was.

Opening for Funches was a comedian named Keith Lowell Jensen. He had a very different style than Funches, but still entertained the audience.

One of his favorite things about doing stand up comedy is traveling. Jensen has been all over the U.S. and Canada.

“Being interviewed by college papers is really high on the list,” Jensen joked.

Jensen was pushed on stage one night when he worked for Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation by one of the founders of the company, Mike. He used Mike’s jokes, but the next night tried it again with a few jokes of his own.

“It was such a great way to be introduced to stand-up because it was like training wheels,” Jensen said.

It was a funny and interesting night for the lucky individuals who attended the show.

“I think he was really funny, just like right from the start when he started speaking,” said Aurora Villanueva, a member of UNIQUE.

His voice was what really caught people’s attention when he walked onto the stage.

A lot of people expected him to be really loud and excited, but instead his delivery was very quiet.

“I thought he was pretty funny,” said chemistry major Kevin Hernandez. “He had that creepy, calm voice.”