Movies to lighten the mood this season

Johanna Pugh

It goes without saying, the latter half of the semester brings the most stress. As the reality that there is only one month left of classes settles in, it is important to time manage and stay focused on academic studies.

In the same regard, it is also important to remember everyone deserves a little downtime to relax and rejuvenate their minds.

The following are five comfort movies to watch to ease the overwhelmed feelings upcoming finals can bring.

1. “10 Items or Less” (2006)

This indie film starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega is a wonderful dose of road trip buddy comedy and a heartfelt look at life. Its overall themes of being grateful for what you have, overcoming your own reservations to strive to make things better for yourself, and enjoying the unexpected friendships made along the way are all things college students who feel lost in the sea of deadlines and exams can relate to.

2. The Little Rascals (1994)

There are many examples of nostalgic childhood films and “The Little Rascals” is one that sticks out the most. This lighthearted and entertaining look at childhood will effectively and gleefully take students away from their stress for an hour and a half as they follow Alfalfa and his quest to win over Darla, beat neighborhood bullies in a race, and restructure the “He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

3. Up (2009)

Despite the fact this movie probably made most people want to weep within the first 10 minutes, it still makes this list as a comforting film. With its colorful illustrations and heartwarming storyline, the adventure of Russell and Mr. Fredricksen will forever be one of Disney Pixar’s finest creations.

4. Ella Enchanted (2004)

Sometimes you need serious, thought-provoking films to help you ponder life and realize who you are; and other times, you need whimsical book-to-movie adaptations that do not take themselves seriously. “Ella Enchanted” provides lighthearted magic and music to help distract from the woes of reading assignments and research papers.

5. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

There are many movies that could have fit into this spot–there are the go-to staples like “Mean Girls” or “Singin’ in the Rain,” but “Kung Fu Hustle” is an action-comedy martial arts film with equally impressive, amusing and outlandish effects that students will surely find entertaining.