Former contestant from “The Voice” performs at Sac State

Rian Edignton

With a voice dripping with soul beyond his 27 years, Jeremy Briggs delivered an amazing performance on Nov. 5 in the Union.

A former contestant on the 2014 season of “The Voice,” Briggs has a well-rounded smooth sound that often left the audience hushed and hanging on his every word.

Briggs graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in government. After appearing on “The Voice” Briggs decided to pursue his music career full time.

During the one-hour concert Briggs performed original songs as well as covers of some of his favorite songs.

Grace Potter’s “Big White Gate,” was beautifully sung as well as “Fire” by Augustana.

Luci Moore, 22, has been a fan of Briggs since she first saw him on “The Voice.”

“I was so excited when I saw he was going to be here,” Moore said. “I like his style of music and his voice.”

The northern California native is well known for his blues and folk feel.

“I think anybody’s goal for higher education is to end up doing something they love,” Briggs said. “I enjoy what I’m doing so why not pursue it?”

Briggs plans to move to Nashville, Tennessee next year with his fiancée to work on his music career.

Currently, he says he is not planning any tours or shows locally because he is working on recording his original songs.

Briggs currently works for the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and gave up coaching baseball to focus on his music full time.

Cassandra Penalver, a 21-year-old communication studies major said she liked how the performance was very intimate.

Throughout the performance Briggs shared personal stories of his life and music career as well as interacted playfully with the audience stating, “I sure don’t miss college, I just saw a girl with a bunch of books on a table and man, did she look disheveled.”

After the concert ended Briggs stayed close to the stage and interacted with his fans by giving autographs, talking with people and even letting one eager fan play his guitar.

“It was cool to come back here and be doing what I love,” Briggs said.