Vintage trends make a comeback

Jasmine Alston

Spring/summer 2015 fashion week is currently coming to a close and even though fashion is always ahead, trends seem to take a trip back in time.

There have been signs of vintage trends coming back in style and some Sacramento State students are beginning to take notice.

Morrison Chea, apparel marketing and design major, noticed some pieces are influenced by certain eras of the past. He noticed many trends for men are inspired by the ‘30s and ‘40s and women’s clothing is more inspired by the ‘50s with A-line skirts.

According to the article “11 Trends That Just Keep Coming Back” by Lucky Magazine, track pants are making a comeback in women’s apparel. Known for being mostly popular in sports like gymnastics, track pants are coming back with a more stylish, yet comfortable look that can be worn with heels.

Another trend that has worked its way back from the ‘90s is the bucket backpacks which can be found in leather, multi-colors or with unique patterns.

“I have also noticed the ‘Clueless’ style is coming back, like the matching blazer and mini skirt,” Chea said.

On the runways there has been signs of matching sets that appear to be more fun and versatile than the suits.

Although there are trends coming it back into popularity, some of them are not favored and should never come back.

Nailah Rimmer, communication studies major, described her style to be a mixture of old and new with some trendy urban influences. One trend she definitely does not want to see come back are grills – decorative mouth pieces.

“They are tacky, unprofessional, unattractive and an unnecessary object in life,” Rimmer said. “They take the enamel and stuff off your teeth and cause bad breath.”

Chea and Rimmer both agree that denim skirts should not come back into style whether it is denim mini skirts or the matching denim trend once worn by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the 2001 VMAs.

Fashion is always changing pieces and bringing new ones back in a unique way. The ‘90s grunge look with flannel or plaid shirts either tied around the waist with a pair of skinny jeans or baggy jeans has became popular.

Taylor Ogden, communication studies major, said one trend she would like to keep around and become more popular is bootcut jeans because they are similar to flare jeans, but they do not flare out as much.

She also said the popular ‘80s trend shoulder pads should not make its way back as a trend because they are unnecessary for blazers and tops.

It is important to keep in mind to be creative when it comes to fashion. Vintage pieces are sometimes essential when it comes to creating a unique outfit and they always seem to become popular all over again.