Student fees run services on campus

Jacob Abbott

Sacramento State students paying to attend fall classes, experienced a slight increase in mandatory campus-based fees for the 2014-15 academic school year.

In 2011, the CSU network established a system-wide tuition fee of $5,472 per year for undergraduates enrolling in more than six units each term, while students taking six units or fewer pay $3,174 per year. Tuition fees supply the university’s budget for instructional services.

Mike Uhlenkamp, CSU Director of Public Affairs, said tuition will not be raised in the near future in accordance with the chancellor’s office. A multi-year agreement was made in 2011 between the state and CSU system, halting tuition fee increases across the 23 campuses.

“There is nothing saying we can’t raise it, but there is language in the budget saying that if the CSU system doesn’t raise tuition, the system will continue to receive funding from the state,” Uhlenkamp said.

Students are also required to pay fees to support nine different student services on campus. These fees total to $1,176 for the academic year, which is $20 more than last year’s campus based fees.

“Raised campus-based fees are determined during a consultation process with the chancellor, who makes the executive decision on whether the fee increases will be accepted,” Uhlenkamp said.

The $428 University Union fee is the highest mandatory fee, providing financial support for the Union building, The Well and all of the programs associated with those facilities.

Leslie Davis, director of the University Union, said the mandatory fee is the only source of revenue the Union and The Well receive to support the operations in those buildings.

“We are focused on providing the best service we can deliver to the campus with the assistance from the fees,” Davis said.

She also said both buildings are in need of expansion to allow more services for students because they are heavily impacted.

“We’ve undergone reductions in the past because of low enrollment, which limited our growth, and are currently understaffed,” Davis said. “But we are starting to grow with help from the increase in enrollment.”

The second most expensive fee is the Intercollegiate Athletics/Spirit Leaders Fee, costing students $268 per year. This fee provides the athletic program funding for scholarships, traveling, retaining or hiring coaches and other resources for the different teams representing Sac State.

A fee of $234 designated for Student Health and Counseling Services provides basic care to students at the Health Center in the Well. The Health Facilities fee of $32 per year pays for the bond funding the Student Health Center.

Robert Lobatos, Administrative Support Assistant for SHCS, said there is no limit to the services students are provided at the clinic.

“Students can be seen for almost anything,” Lobatos said. “We also have an x-ray machine and provide counseling services. If a student is sick or injured, come down to The Well and we can help.”

Another fee of $128 per year provides funding to the Associated Students, Inc. for non-instructional activities designed to benefit the student body and maintain students’ well-being.

The programs include PEAK Adventures, the Aquatic Center, the Child Care Center, Student Life and Services, the ASI Business Office and Government Office as well as the Office of Governmental Affairs.

The remaining $86 for mandatory costs provides support to intramural programs and recreational sports, alternative transportation for students, the university’s newspaper and instructional-related activities for educational experiences.