Old movies turned classic films

Rian Edignton

The stress of higher education can be stressful for Sacramento State students, and one way students unwind at the end of a busy day or week is to watch a movie from their childhood.

Students at Sac State are loyal to the films of their youth and appreciate the lessons taught by these films, even ten years later.

“I love the Little Mermaid,” said Samira Habibi, a 26-year-old history major.“I love that though she is restricted on where she can explore, she does it anyway. She is interested in what the other part of the world does and how they live.”

Common themes of Disney movies were that the protagonist would break the rules and end up better for it.

“I like that she rebels, and her father realizes that he can’t contain her in a little box where he can watch her,” Habibi said.“And yes I still watch it.”

Not only are animated movies popular but also live action film.

“The Sandlot is loaded with funny, daring adolescent boys who bring life to the film by acting their immature, spunky selves, which still gets me laughing to this day,” said Christina Gavino, a 20-year-old kinesiology major.“Who could forget the smooth move pulled by Squints who managed to take his mad obsession up a notch with Wendy Peffercorn, a slightly older babe, by stealing a kiss from her by fake drowning? Just a hilarious classic.”

Movies that make a lasting impression on students usually have positive themes.

“Other than that, the movie has a good theme about friendship, camaraderie, and determination to reach your dreams,”Gavino said. “It’s also a great nostalgic look back on childhood, friendship and All-American baseball.”

Rafael Garcias, a 25-year-old public relations and communication major, said his favorite childhood movies were the live action Ninja Turtles movies.

“I get a little nostalgic when I watch them, especially because children’s movies these days are so dumb,” Garcias said.

Another time students enjoy revisiting old movies is during holidays, such as Christmas.

Brianna Collins a 22-year-old criminal justice and ethnic studies major said her favorite childhood movie is Polar Express. She enjoys watching it every year during Christmas time with her family.

“I like Christmas, and I like animation,” Collins said. “I like watching it with my family; it’s almost like a tradition. It’s almost like it emphasizes the spirit of Christmas”

There is a lot of loyalty to the movies that students grew up watching, but maybe that is just one of the values that those movies taught.