Baseball to take the field in second annual Halloween intrasquad game

Paris Prado

Sacramento State baseball will be taking the field Thursday, Oct. 30 in its second annual Halloween game at 3:45p.m.

The team is currently in the middle of its own Hornet World Series tournament where they scrimmage one another. The coaches have divided the team into the the black and gold team; the black team is currently leading 2-1 in the five game tournament.

The players are looking forward to the Halloween game as they spent a month preparing for their costumes. A lot of the time players pair up with one another and create a duo outfit.

Last year senior pitcher Brennan Leitao and alumnus first baseman Rhys Hoskins dressed up as the famous Mario and Luigi.

“Last year I was Luigi and Rhys was Mario. We went all out, it was awesome,” Leitao said. “I hijacked our golf cart and drove it on the field when Rhys was rounding the bases and threw banana peels out of the back.”

Sophomore pitcher Jared Paderez said that a lot of the guys keep their costume a secret, and those tend to be the best ones.

“The guys who won’t tell you their costume, they’re normally the really good ones,” Paderez said.

Last year, one of the best costumes was another duo of Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan.

“Lieutenant Dan definitely stole the show, he went up to the plate in his wheelchair,” Leitao said.

The players are extremely dedicated to their costumes, many are going to be finalizing their outfits before the start of the game.

Some positions pose more complications when it comes to the type of outfit the players wear. Junior catcher Dane Fujinaka said he had to consider his baseball gear when choosing a costume.

“I was going to be a sumo wrestler, but I wouldn’t be able to slide, so tomorrow I’m going to be Pikachu because it’s not too puffy for my gear,” Fujinaka said.

Although the elaborate costumes were the funniest last year, the team has learned they need to instill some dress codes in order to make sure they can actually compete in their costumes.

“We can’t wear anything that completely covers our faces this year and we can’t wear anything that’s restraining us, we need to be able to slide,” Leitao said.

The Halloween game, although is an actual competitive game for the team, is just a reminder to the team of their love for the game, Ty Nichols said.

“It’s just us in the sport of having fun and enjoying the game and not taking it so serious,” Nichols said.

Coach Reggie Christiansen said that the point of the Halloween game is to remind the players to relax.

“As an athlete, sometimes you get caught up in how serious everything is, it’s just a good way to end our fall, have fun and laugh at each other, it’s pretty cool,” Christiansen said.