Students trade in bikinis for binge-watching

Johanna Pugh

This is the generation of Netflix users.

This video-streaming website and ones like it give viewers the ability to marathon television programs like somebody is paying them to do so.

This trend known as binge-watching, aka viewing copious amounts of episodes back-to-back, is something most college students have done at some point.

You have done it, I have done it, your roommate who you swear has not left the couch nor changed out of those same pajamas for three days in a row has done it.

This summer, Sacramento State students were no strangers to being glued to their couches, laptops and television screens.

Name: Jenalee Henline

Major and Year: Government, senior

TV Show: Supernatural

Method of Watching: DVDs

Synopsis: Two brothers who travel the country hunting supernatural beings.

Duration of binge: Henline watched five seasons in three days—but she was not alone. She and her friends calculated how long it would take to watch—factoring in bathroom breaks—and made a party out of it. They were well equipped with plenty of snacks and built pillow forts.

“It was really awesome and not so terrible when you’re watching in a group,” Henline said. “But we didn’t see sun for three days so you have to feel a little ashamed.”

What got you hooked: The relatable theme of family coming together. “It’s about more than just two guys hunting ghosts, it’s art reflecting life,” Henline said. “I have siblings, all my friends have siblings and even though we don’t go through that extreme of situations, we still go through hard times and have the same fights and we get to see how they got through it.”

Name: Maya McDonald

Major and Year: Gerontology, senior

TV Show: Orange is the New Black

Synopsis: The experiences of a diverse group of women in prison.

Method of Watching: Netflix

Duration of binge: McDonald demonstrated self-control by watching in three-episode increments per day until she finished all 13 episodes of the summer-released second season.

“My boyfriend made me limit myself,” McDonald said. “Otherwise, I would’ve sat there and watched it for two days straight.”

What got you hooked: The flashbacks, the drama and Laura Prepon. “She’s no longer Hot Donna from ‘That 70s Show’,” McDonald said. “She looks totally different with her dark hair and attitude and tattoos.”

Name: Angel Rodriguez

Major and Year: Computer engineering and theatre, senior

TV Show: Arrested Development

Synopsis: The misadventures of a dysfunctional and formerly wealthy family.

Method of Watching: Netflix

Duration of Binge: Rodriguez watched two seasons in seven days. “That’s over 40 episodes all in the period of a week,” Rodriguez said. “That sounds bad.”

What got you hooked: The dry humor, the way it makes light of certain issues and the sassy mother of the family. Rodriguez used the summer to flush his desire to binge-watch out of his system—almost.

“My TV watching diminishes during the semester,” Rodriguez said, “Except when I have a really important assignment due, then I marathon something to put it off.”

Name: Kimberly Taketa

Major and Year: Theatre, freshman

TV Show: Doctor Who

Synopsis: A time lord travels time and space in a blue police telephone box along with his trusty companion while battling foes and helping others.

Method of Watching: Netflix

Duration of Binge: Taketa watched the British program for four days straight. “I watch TV all day, all night,” Taketa said. “I’ve been banned from playing Scene It? with my friends because I always win.”

What got you hooked: Taketa is usually drawn in by supernatural shows. “You kind of just have to see what happens next, so once I start, I cannot stop,” Taketa said.