Sac State students prepare for fall fashion

Jasmine Alston

Summer heat is still lingering, but students now find themselves rearranging their closets to make room for the fast approaching fall season.

There are plenty of students on Sacramento State’s campus that have their own interpretation of the trends that are popular.

Alain Baltazar, communications major and thrifter, has his own take of being stylish on campus for the upcoming season.

Baltazar said some trends he noticed various students wearing are the flannel and denim shirts that are tied around the waist and tight skinny jeans. One of his favorite trends for the fall are boots and layering pieces that he finds at the Goodwill.

Since some college students have tight budgets, thrifting is one of the great ways to get classic pieces that can be worn in both summer and fall such as denim and neutral color tops.

Business administration major Renato Batres,18, said he also does not spend too much time in department stores when it comes to buying clothes for the fall season. One of his essential pieces for fall would be any type of button-up shirt.

“I basically get all my stuff from the thrift stores,” Batres said. “I can get button-ups for like two to three dollars at the thrift store.”

For some female students, one important piece for fall style are sweaters.

Lauren Summers, a 23-year-old student in the credentials program, has a love for printed sweaters that would fit her professional style. She said one of her favorite stores is Freestyle Clothing thrift shop. The store has locations in both Folsom and Midtown.

Business administration major Shelley Lomboy,18, describes her style to be last minute but well thought-out.

Lomboy said she likes sweater weather and wearing scarves. She also said her favorite stores to go to while on a college student budget would be Ross, TJ Maxx and thrift stores.

According to the Huffington Post article, Fall Fashion Trends 2014: The Top Styles to Rock this Fall, some key fall items for women are over-the-knee boots, over-sized pieces and robe coats.

Some fall trends for men are vests for layering, casual long sleeve button down shirts, and the most essential being denim, according to an article on

There are also some do’s and don’ts to pay attention to for the fall.

“I would definitely say that one fashion don’t is thin leggings with shirts that raise above your butt,” Summers said. “Don’t buy clothing expecting them to fit you, buy clothes according to you or go get alterations.”

Social work major Brittanee Wheaton, 22, said her style is comfortable and she likes colors.

Wheaton said when it comes to fashion do’s and don’ts for fall, do what fits you and that style will be cute to someone.