Rock lives on at Aftershock 2014

Daniel Magalit

California native, Dig The Kid and Italy’s, Lacuna Coil rocked out at Discovery Park in Sacramento for Monster Energy’s, Aftershock.

Limp Bizkit, Tech N9ne and Godsmack are just a few that headlined the third annual two-day festival which took place Saturday Sept. 13 and Sunday Sept. 14.

“Most companies spend their money on ad agencies … We promote concert tours, so our favorite bands can visit your hometown,” said Monster Energy in a statement to Ashton-Magnuson Media. “We celebrate with our fans and riders by throwing parties and making the coolest event.”

Monster Energy — also a major sponsor of the X-Games — brought Aftershock 2014 back to the City of Trees and has made it one of California’s largest rock festivals.

Located near downtown Sacramento, Discovery Park is a 302-acre land mass, definitely big enough to contain the massive lineup of more than 40 bands which performed on three main Monster stages and a fourth stage sponsored by Coors Light.

Both Dig The Kid and Lacuna Coil played the Coors Light stage, surrounded by a huge crowd.

When asked how they felt when playing on stage, each member of Dig The Kid had just one word.

“Euphoric,” said singer and guitarist, Cory Todd. To which bassist, Ian Lasater agreed.

“Thankful,” drummer, Lisa Mongelli replied. “When I’m on [stage] the only thing I feel, ever, is thankful.”

Recently, Gene Simmons of Kiss said that rock was dead. With such a laden statement, members of Dig The Kid and Lacuna Coil had plenty to retort.

“I couldn’t disagree more,” said Cristina Scabbia, of Lacuna Coil. “There is no [expletive] way I will accept that; rock will never die.”

Gene Simmons may have had a good reason to say that rock was dead but it is clear there are differences of opinion.

“I think rock is evolving,” Todd said. “Perhaps [Gene’s] perception of what rock was is dead, but rock as a whole will never die.”

“I think rock is coming back,” Mongelli said.

Lacuna Coil and Dig The Kid are currently touring and being on the road for weeks at a time can be hard but both bands need only a couple of things to keep them going.

Members of either band simply wanted to know where they would be sleeping every night and a shower everyday.

“Also having cotton sheets in my bunk,” Scabbia said. “I’m a little princess on that.”

In addition to all the well-known artists at Aftershock, a local up-and-coming talent named BRi was there as well.

Bri Cowgill, lead singer of the band BRi, is from the Sacramento area and is also affiliated with Reality Check TV, a local broadcast station based in San Francisco.

Cowgill’s band has a very unique style called banana rock, as described by fans.

“The local scene made up a genre, it’s called banana rock, which is this goofy but serious kind of rock,” Cowgill said. “It’s weird.”

BRi will be opening for Alien Ant Farm at V103Rock’s Rock Fest on Oct. 4.

With BRi’s banana-rock style, Lacuna Coil’s Goth-like lyrics and Dig The Kid’s alternative-pop-rock genre, Aftershock had everything needed for a great festival.