US could learn to love futbol as much as football

State Hornet Staff

With the decisive confrontation between the United States and Germany today, it’s become apparent the nation is coming together, regardless of age, gender, orientation and occupation to hope for the best with America’s recent success.

If the 2-1 win over Ghana where Clint Dempsey scored the first goal of the game within 30 seconds did not build momentum, then the 2-2 draw with Portugal where they were not decimated by striker Cristiano Ronaldo definitely built hopes for US success in the 2014 World Cup.

What faces the red, white and blue this week is a chance to advance out of the Group Stage preliminaries and into the Knockout Stage. It’s common knowledge the US has never been one for soccer, but that has not stopped people at home or at bars from going wild every time the team has a chance to score a goal.

TIME Magazine reports the 2014 Super Bowl still had about 4 times more viewership than the US-Ghana game. But take into consideration the comparison between a final football game and an opening soccer game. Imagine later games.

There’s absolutely no doubt about the state of the game: the hype is real. All the US needs to do to advance is either win or tie against Germany, or hope Ghana and Portugal tie to avoid further complications that could result in a drawing of lots to decide who moves on.

Germany is still a beast to watch out for, crushing Portugal in a 4-0 beating, but tying against Ghana 2-2. A confusing beast might be the best way to describe the German team but still one to be wary of unless the US is ready for another upset like the last minute of their match against Portugal, which resulted in the tie that is the very cause behind the precarious nature of today’s game.