OneSpeed uses fresh and local ingredients for it’s italian dishes

Erika Bradley

At the cross section of 48th Street and Folsom Boulevard, stands OneSpeed, a bicycle themed pizza restaurant.


Appropriately named OneSpeed, its casual atmosphere is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a few drinks with freshly prepared Italian dishes.


“It’s the same principles and ideals of presenting good food done right,” Manager Michael Ng said. “(We use) good ingredients, [made] simply, without overworking them.”


The menu at OneSpeed focuses on fresh ingredients and proper preparation of dough. In the center of the restaurant is a pizza line, where cooks toss dough and prepare the pizzas for everyone to see.


“The pizza line being front and center is by design,” said owner and chef Rick Mahan. “I wanted folks to instantly be part of the experience from the moment they walk in, (with) the smells, sights (and) sounds.”


Ng said OneSpeed was a secondary concept to Mahan’s restaurant, The Waterboy, on Capitol Avenue.


Contrary to the fine dining, white table cloth and influence of French, Mediterranean and Italian themes of The Waterboy, OneSpeed is neighborhood casual eatery.


Ng said both restaurants have similar, simple concepts with tasteful menus and welcoming atmospheres.


One of the most popular pizzas, “The Margherita”, focuses on three basic ingredients. With only cheese, sauce and dough garnished with basil leaves, the dish showcases the simplicity and attention given to the pizza making process.


The antipastos are all close in popularity, but Ng said that the “Frito Misto,” a mixed fry dish consisting of seasonal vegetables and shellfish, is ordered most.


Depending on the season, the menu at OneSpeed will change and update to provide customers with quality ingredients.


OneSpeed also offers an assortment of beer and wine that are made to pair well with the dishes.


Ng said the beer is dynamic in the sense that customers will never find the same selection of draft beers anywhere else.


OneSpeed rotates through six draft handles and tries to keep the selections as balanced as possible while making the drinks enhance the flavor of the food being served.


Ng said beers from Berryessa Brewing draw a lot of attention and excitement. One of its popular beers is the house IPA.


The “House White, Revolution Glass,” wine made by Revolutionary Winery in midtown, is one of the most popular wines in OneSpeed’s selection.


Mahan’s love for bicycles reflects the theme and feel of OneSpeed, which evokes a slower paced lifestyle.


“I’ve always loved bikes, particularly old one-speed cruisers [that were] slow and simple,” Mahan said. “Having a neighborhood restaurant with simple, delicious food (that is) family friendly (and) a good place to slow down and reconnect with family and friends is important.”


Customer Dave Comerchero also has a love for bicycles and finds the themes of the restaurant to fit well with the Sacramento area.


“I’m a cyclist. It’s a major part of my life, so just knowing that a cyclist is involved in the pizza rings holistically with me,” Comerchero said. “This feels much more like an original Sacramento [restaurant] to me.”