Midtown eatery fuses Mexican and Japanese food to create sushi burritos

Erika Bradley

An additional late-night weekend food option is now open for Sacramento, as the new Wrap N’ Roll Sushi Burrito restaurant is bringing a fusion of Japanese and Mexican food by creating oversized sushi rolls that resemble burritos.

Located in Midtown at 1801 L St, owner Mymy Nguyen and Jimmy Voong opened their second location on April 1 after their original location in Elk Grove became an instant hit.

Walking into the new restaurant, customers are immediately drawn into the restaurant’s decor and theme which is inspired by the downtown and midtown areas. The walls are painted by a local artist with images of the Crest Theater, Tower Bridge, a train and the Ziggurat Building.

Nguyen said the inspiration behind her restaurants came form the concept of the Los Angeles food truck Jogasaki Sushi Burrito.

So far Nguyen has found customers are curious about what they offer and sometimes think the sushi burritos are wrapped in a flour tortilla when they are actually wrapped in large nori seaweed sheets.

“The only [Mexican quality] really, is the size of the burrito itself,” Nguyen said. “You hold it and eat it like a burrito, but that’s the most I would say [that] Mexican [is] infused in it.”

Although the burritos resemble huge sushi rolls, some of the fusion ingredients include jalapeños and guacamole.

Jeremy Halili , employee at Wrap N’ Roll Sushi Burrito, said customers have been amazed by the concept and portion of the sushi burritos.

“It’s pretty lively during rush hour,” Halili said. “People like to come in and chat with everyone, eat and hangout.”

One of the most popular sushi burritos include the “Sashimi” with ingredients such as salmon and tuna sashimi, fried wonton strips, guacamole, tempura shrimp and radish sprouts.  Other popular burritos include the “Spicy Tuna”, “Triple Sashimi” and “Tempura Shrimp.” Prices range from $8.25 to $10.95.

Wrap N’ Roll Sushi Burrito also offers a vegetarian option. The “Tofu” burrito has healthy ingredients, such as guacamole, sweet tofu, tempura asparagus and substitutes the use of egg with teriyaki sauce.

Its snack list include the “Volcano Nachos”, “Carne Fries” and “Cream Cheese Egg Rolls” with prices starting at $3.50. Salads and bento boxes are also on the menu, as well as honey milk and thai teas.

Jesse Halsted noticed the restaurant’s grand opening sign and decided to give it a try.

“I was in here on opening night, and I got two burritos and a fry and had food for three days,” Halsted said. “I’m a big sushi fan [and] I think a lot of people are, but this makes it a little more accessible [with] the easy take-out.”

Halsted said that the restaurant is in his neighborhood and thinks it will become a regular food stop for him.

Although Wrap N’ Roll Sushi Burrito closes at 9 p.m Sunday through Thursday, the restaurant has extended its Friday and Saturday hours until 3 a.m. However, the menu is limited to only snacks and three of the most popular burritos.

The restaurant also has catering services as long as the order is placed 48 hours in advance. Customers can order online at www.wnrsushiburrito.com