Buzz of the Crowd: Hornet head coach Christiansen needs to stay at Sac State

State Hornet Staff

When athletes are young, their coaches are teachers giving students the tools they need to succeed, but as the players grow up and the competition gets more competitive, coaches leave the teaching world to become leaders with a strategy to win.

Whether it is deciding to run a trick play, making the decision to bring in the left-handed reliever to face the lefthanded batter or to start three guards rather than two, coaches win every game their players do.

That’s why when Sacramento State decided to hire Reggie Christiansen as head baseball coach, it was the best decision it could have ever made.

Since Christiansen took over coaching in 2010, he has led the Hornets to a 79-86 record. Although he has a subpar .500 record, he saw his team go from last place in 2011 to first place in 2012 and is on the cusp of winning back-to-back 30-win seasons since 1992-93.

Having the right coach on the bench or in the dugout can help a team win a championship or create chaos in the locker room.

I doubt the Lakers could have won three straight championships without Phil Jackson.

Look at the Boston Red Sox last year. Under manager Bobby Valentine, the Sox were a dreadful 69-93, last in the American League East, and the clubhouse was cursed with the smell of fried chicken and beer.

In the offseason, Boston finally came to its senses and hired its former pitching coach John Farrell. The Sox have not looked back. They currently hold a 20-12 record with a two-game lead over the New York Yankees.

Boston is winning because of their new manager. Sure, they might have added some players in the offseason like Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli and Ryan Dempster, but it is because the culture has changed, not the players in uniform.

Not to take anything away from the Hornet players this season; Justin Higley is having a monster season with 10 home runs, sophomore pitcher Brennan Leitao has emerged as  the No. 1 starter and there are three guys in the bullpen that can close the door once the seventh inning comes around.

Players play the game, but coaches win the game, Without a good coach leading the team, the chance of a championship will just fade into a dream. Hornet baseball is on the rise and if I were Sac State, I would do anything I could to keep Christiansen as long as I could, because he is the best thing that has happened to the baseball program since becoming Division I in 1992.



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