Only two episodes left in ‘The Walking Dead’

Nathan Mendelowitz

With the meeting we all wanted finally behind us, “The Walking Dead” opened with a scene many who love the comics will remember.

The infamous torture chamber used by the Governor has made its appearance and it looks just as diabolical as it did in the comics. It comes with custom restraints you would see in “Gladiator” and the Governor even has it stocked with gadgets you would only find a mild scientist to wield.

While the Governor ponders in his own insanity on getting revenge on Michonne, an unlikely ally for the prison emerges – the soft-spoken Milton.

Milton has been the Governors second-hand man up until this point. His experiments of trying to see if zombies still have a shred of humanity left in them lead to nothing and his character almost seemed unnecessary.

However, after seeing the growing instability of the Governor, he steps up and helps Andrea escape to warn the prison group.

With her escape announced, the Governor sets out on his own to capture her. The chase leads to an abandoned building where a cat-and-mouse game forms.

The game continues as the Governor tries to corner Andrea leading to multiple moments of extreme anxiety on our part. Any viewer will be sitting on the edge of their seat as he gets closer and closer to capturing her.

This episode also became an unexpected Tyreese story. After weeks of seeing or hearing nothing about Woodburys newest residents, we finally get to see how Tyreese and his group are faring.

They are asked to do a task with Martinez involving gathering zombies to use against the prison group. After hearing Andrea’s claims of how bad Woodbury really is, Tyreese sees it first hand with the zombie gathering and decides this is not the life for him and his sister.

It’s nice to see Tyreese finally coming out of his shell, but it doesn’t last for long. It’s unfortunate because every moment Tyreese makes a stride as a dynamic character, he gets put back in his place and becomes a lowly subordinate.

As the episode comes to an end, the cat-and-mouse game with the Governor and Andrea ends. The final scenes bring us back full-circle to the torture chamber with a character we thought we would not see in it.

It was a fun episode, and really showed us how mad the Governor is. His thirst for revenge is greater than anything else and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. This does not bode well for the prison group as they may not truly know what they are up against.

Only two episodes are left and the final clash is shaping up to be a good one.


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