Competitive Robotics Club open to students wanting to explore robot construction

Kaitlin Sansenbach

Engineering and computer science reaches a whole new level through robotics. Sacramento State’s Competitive Robotics Club encourages all students to become active members of transforming scrap garage pieces, into full-functioning robots.

The robots are worked on during meetings twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Santa Clara building. Members activities vary between using high temperatures to join lead wiring, activating robots using an application on their phone, or eating pizza around a table bantering about different ways to improve the club.

The club is also involved in community outreach with younger generations, engineering companies, and other Sac State students and faculty members. Active members are involved in many robot projects ranging from competitive robots, to a pet feeder.

President of the Competitive Robotics Club, Steven Brimer, hopes to expand the club to other students attending Sac State. Brimer said every major benefits the club by using personal and academic skills learned in their major.

The club’s adviser, Susan Holl, said, “The members make this a very rewarding club for all.”