UFL postpones season until spring

UFL postpones season until spring

Joe Davis

On Saturday, the United Football League announced the suspension of the 2012 season.

League founder William Hambrecht made the announcement in the morning.

League spokesman Paul F. Pelosi attributed the shutdown to insufficient funds, which were a result of workers compensation insurance costs and other monetary obligations.

The league’s four teams, including the Sacramento Mountain Lions, have played half of the eight-game regular season schedule. Pelosi said the UFL will play the remainder of the 2012 season in spring 2013, including the league’s championship game.

Pelosi also said the league plans on playing a regular uninterrupted season in fall 2013.

“It is our first priority to take care of our players, coaches and staff,” Pelosi said. “(The league’s next priority is) to raise sufficient funds to take care of our other obligations and resume fully financed operations in 2013.”

In July, the UFL and CBS came to an agreement on a TV deal, which would allow two games per week to be televised nationally.

The league has struggled to gain popularity with football fans nationwide since its inception in 2009, even after bringing in former NFL superstars Jeff Garcia and Daunte Culpepper.

In 2011, the UFL cancelled the last two weeks of the season due to similar financial instability issues.

The most recent stoppage takes place in the wake of a lawsuit against the UFL brought on by former Virginia Destroyers and NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer. CBS Sports reported the suit was worth $2.3 million for unpaid salaries and bonuses.

It is unclear if and when refunds for UFL season ticketholders will be issued, but according to the Destroyers’ Facebook the issue is being dealt with.

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