BUZZARRE: EDITORIAL: Students need school year-round

The Buzzarre Editorial staff

Students are preparing for finals as another semester comes to an end. Enrolling in summer classes or going on vacation are decisions all students have to think about.

Those decisions should not have to be made because classes should last all year long.

From the beginning of January until the end of December, students should be able to go to class. No more semesters, midterms or finals.

A list of assignments should be given at the start of the year and the deadline should be Christmas. As long as students learn and do the work, there is no reason why they should be limited to five months.

Anyone who can’t get their work done in a year is a failure and should drop out.

“I don’t study well when it’s too hot, cold, raining and between noon and midnight,” said sophomore undeclared major Bartholomew Micalicklic. “I also need my dogs next to me when I do my work, so I need more time than five months.”

With professors working without contracts for seemingly forever, they would also have to come to campus just once or twice a month for tests and in-class assignments.

“Having all year to grade work would help me out a lot,” said professor emeritus of kazoos Lily Fields. “My colleagues who don’t like to do grading might actually do some if they had a year to work on it.”

With rising budgets cuts, classes lasting a year would get rid of tuition rising twice a month. Students like Micalicklic need help to succeed in these trying financial times.

Attendance would be optional or count as extra credit. In a time where more students have to work while in college, it’s the only fair thing to do. Wealthy students from Granite Bay and Roseville would no longer have more study time than everyone else.

“I work the graveyard shift at the shady Denny’s near campus and clean up vomit from drunks,” said freshman philosophy major Toby McSnuggles. “After my shift there, I walk over to the shady Motel 6 and deal with people who make homemade cologne. I can’t remember anything about Plato or Socrates after dealing with crazy people for hours.”

Spring Break could last longer than a week and students could spend more time with their families for Thanksgiving.

Classes would count for at least nine units and help students get their degrees faster. This would help alleviate core classes being overcrowded since there would be no need to have a limit of around 30 students.

Students wouldn’t have to sit on the floor or out in the hall anymore if they didn’t have to show up.

Parking out in the boonies would be a thing of the past as would buying two parking permits a year. Most students could just buy daily passes every now and then since a yearly permit would be a waste of money for students rarely on campus.

“Leadership Begins Here” is Sacramento State’s motto, so it should be the university to break the mold and do what it wants. The summer and fall semester merging into one period should be the first step in the transition into having students doing work all year long.

The Buzzarre staff can be reached at [email protected] and suggests nobody take this editorial seriously.