Police pull over suspicious vehicle near Sac State campus

Camille Anglo

Sacramento City Police stopped a suspected armed vehicle in a parking lot south of the Sacramento State campus on Thursday afternoon.

The vehicle, a black BMW, was in the intersection of 7700 La Riviera Drive by Howe Avenue when it was reported there was a subject with a gun in the car.

Cops from both Sacramento City Police and Sacramento State were on the scene at approximately 4 p.m. and the vehicle was stopped in a parking lot at Stadium Drive and State University Drive South. The situation was deemed “dangerous,” but a gun was not found in the car.

According to the Sacramento City Police Public Information Officer, the subjects were a 21-year-old Black male and a 22-year-old Black male.

Police discovered one subject with a counterfeit driver’s license and the other subject received a citation due to a suspended license.

Although the subjects were not arrested, their vehicle was cited and towed.

University police operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please contact the dispatcher at (916) 278-6851 to report any suspicious occurrences on campus.

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