Addicting gameplay provides promising future for mobile games

Addicting gameplay provides promising future for mobile games

Nathan Mendelowitz

Handheld gaming has been around since the Game

Boy was introduced in the 1989. It ushered in a way to play video

games on the go, something to do while bored away from home.

However, with smartphones getting more

sophisticated by the year, a new type of gaming has begun that is

catapulting into stardom called mobile gaming.

By creating casual games intended for people

while passing time, mobile gaming has taken a huge leap forward by

making entertaining games.

“Angry Birds” has enjoyed a meteoric rise the

past two years. Since it was first downloadable December 2009, it

has stayed in the top-five downloads on the iTunes App store.

“Angry Birds” consists of players slinging

different types of birds at pigs. The challenge is the pigs usually

have some kind of defense, be it wooden or stone barriers.

The gameplay is simple yet addicting, which is

why it keeps players hooked. It’s that kind of mindless fun of

shooting birds over again until you look at the time and almost an

hour has passed that makes time fly.

The difficulty continues to rise, but not to

the point where the player feels like he or she can’t move on to

the next level.

“Cut the Rope” is another game that has also

seen success in the mobile game scene.

The gameplay is also simple, requiring players

to cut ropes to move a piece of candy to a creature.

What makes these games stand out is they

continue to evolve.

“Angry Birds” adds new kinds of birds with

different attributes and “Cut the Rope” adds new obstacles like

rockets or suction cups.

The main thing remaining is the simple

gameplay aspect that keeps players coming back and wanting a better


It’s this type of gameplay that makes it easy

for anyone to get into and enjoy.

“It’s convenient, time-consuming and cheap

most of the time (or) free,” said senior communications studies

major Yshmael Espinosa.

It just isn’t puzzle games that make mobile

gaming fun, though.

“Infinity Blade” on the iPhone, is a game made

by developer Epic, which makes big name franchises like “Gears of

War” and “Unreal Tournament.”

In “Infinity Blade,” players adventure through

a castle fighting enemies along the way and getting new weapons and

abilities. The gameplay consists of swiping a finger across the

screen to mimic a sword.

What makes the game special is that people

would not expect this would be on an iPhone if they just saw

trailers. The visuals are crisp and look like they deserve to be on

a PlayStation 3.

There is nothing better than playing a game in

your hands that is not only fun but beautiful to look at.  

With all these great games, the bar has been

set high. Thankfully, “Infinity Blade” has shown mobile games can

be taken even higher than what was thought.

Simple isn’t bad, but with “Infinity Blade”

and its technical advances, mobile gaming can become something more

than a past time.

By adding more intuitive gameplay, mobile

games can be something great. Gamers won’t have to wait to go home

to play a great game when it’s already in their pocket.

It’s time to go beyond making entertaining

games and time for games that are not just fulfilling but leave a

lasting impression on a gamer. 

Mobile gaming can only get better, and

hopefully developers follow Epic’s lead and venture into the next

level of gaming.

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