Pinterest the place to be

Samantha Moreno

Many people have yet to hear what Pinterest is all about. This virtual pin board website is where users can find ideas to decorate their home, find new recipes, build up on their style and even plan weddings.

Quotes like these pop up daily when scrolling through my followers’ pictures and ideas on Pinterest:

“This will be my wedding dress, SO STUNNING!”

“That is such a cute headband, definitely making one!”

”Those red velvet brownies look amazing!”

The website allows users to scroll though pin boards and connect people with the “things” they find interesting. Pins can also link you to websites to purchase apparel, shoes or any product listed just by clicking the photo. Then and there, it sends the user to the website to easily let them make their purchase. 

Pins are added daily connecting people all around the world based on same interests and tastes.

The website may sound like Tumblr or Stumble Upon, but it is a lot better; people easily get hooked once they start.

When the time comes to join Pinterest, please allow quite a bit of time. Users will not want to leave sight of their computer when coming across this website for the first time. While it is super easy to set up and with all your Facebook and Twitter friends who are already on Pinterest contacts automatically loaded, being sucked in immediately tends to happen to first time users.

According to an interview by Rachel Devine from Beyond Snapshots, Ben Silbermann, one of the co-founders of Pinterest, found his wife’s engagement ring on the website. He was able to contact the jeweler who had posted the ring that he was interested in. The link sent him straight to her website and in just a few clicks, it was sold.

Finding new ideas on cocktails and countless recipes on Pinterest is one of many things I love about this site. I can never go wrong when it comes to a mouth-watering glass of lemonade, so when my eyes are set on the perfect cocktail, or better yet, sparkling raspberry lemonade, it’s a pin that I can’t resist clicking on.

People are influenced by others when it comes to something as simple as the brand of tennis shoes people sport at the gym.

Self-expression has become a lot more noticeable than it has been in the past. Today, people love to be noticed; especially when it comes to fashion. Pinterest users can find amazing fashion tips and styles with just the click of the mouse.

Literally anyone can scroll through and find similarities they may share with anyone in the world, or even transform it into their own style.

Pinterest is the perfect website to create your own self-expression board. It’s about what interests you and inspiring others from the pins you wrote.

Pinterest is Facebook and iPhone-friendly. Each pin posted can notify friends by posting a link to your wall.

The site is invite-only, yet it has experienced a rapid growth within the last few months. But don’t fret; having a friend who has an account can easily type in one’s email address and send out an invite.

Hop on the Pinterest bandwagon; let friends and family know what they’re missing out on. Finding a new obsession is just a click away.

Happy pinning everyone!


Samantha Moreno can be reached at [email protected]