Currey spices up volleyball team

Cassie Kolias

Janelle Currey’s last name is fitting.

Watching her eyes and her demeanor on the volleyball court, the spiciness is evident – and no doubt she’s got kick to her game.

As the co-captain of Sacramento State’s volleyball team, the only thing more savory than Currey’s skills is the fact she is only a sophomore.

The reign of Currey, who has already set Division I records, begins this fall; coaches are licking their chops anticipating what is in store.

“I don’t even know how I would equate it,” said head coach Ruben Volta. “She is going to continue to get better and better. She had a really good first year. I think it’d even be hard to put a limit on (what she can do). And it’s so cheesy to say the “sky is the limit’ but (it’s true).”

Currey, a math major, comes from a family that lives and breathes volleyball. It came as no surprise when Currey picked the sport up for herself in the seventh grade and continued her volleyball career at Rocklin High School. It seemed inevitable.

Her mother, Jana ten Pas, played high school volleyball, and her younger brother picked up the sport as well.

“They are really happy,” Currey said. “They like that I’m close, so they can come to a lot of games.”

Currey not only spent all four years playing at Rocklin High School, but by her senior year, she was a captain, earning herself a full-ride volleyball scholarship to Sac State.

She went from being at the top of her game in high school to a being a record-setting college freshman.

“I always knew Janelle would be successful in college volleyball,” said Dave Muscarella, Currey’s high school volleyball coach. “She has an extremely high volleyball IQ and is very competitive.? However, I never imagined she would be this successful this early.”

Last year, Currey set Division I records with 385 kills and 429 digs. Currey started in all 32 matches and all 129 sets last season. She was named co-captain, which makes it the first time in recent history that an underclassman has earned the title.

Currey will share the captaincy with senior Maddison Thivierge, and is one of only three players with a locked-in starting position.

“She is just such a model player for us,” Volta said. “She has such a great attitude. Her teammates really like her, she’s really funny and fun to be around. But yet she’s really intense and really competitive. She’s just really well balanced.”

It’s pretty easy to see there is more spice and kick to Currey than just her last name.

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