SEEN: ‘Greek’ season 3 episode 4

Daniel Vasilchuk

Not only is episode four of the third season of “Greek” a laughable iteration in the weakening series, but it also shows that “Greek” is on a downward spiral into cancellation.

There is no reason to care about this episode’s resolutions because there are no major conflicts brewing, no crazily surprising twists, and nothing to leave you caring about the show.

In this episode, we see that Casey, former ZBZ president, is still a pushover as always. She lets herself be lured into patrolling on “dry weekend” by Katherine. Soon, Casey ends up in a sorority bathroom with Evan, who is high on drug-spiked brownies. She talks about her relationship with him; however, this leads to nowhere and their weird “just friends” relationship stays rock solid.

Calvin, as always, is focused on his boyfriend Grant. He is in for a surprise though when Grant’s high school girlfriend, Whitney, shows up for Grant’s birthday. It is just as astonishing to the viewers, as it is to Calvin, that Grant did not even tell his own girlfriend that he is gay. Why Grant’s girlfriend never noticed something off about him, we also never find out.

Ashleigh’s relationship with Fisher flip-flops as she realizes, for reasons unknown, that she doesn’t want to let him go.

We also see Calvin and Grant make out for a second. For the sake of this being a family show as ABC dubs it, that scene probably should not have been included.

This episode suffers heavily from incoherency. Jordan, Rusty’s girlfriend, seems to have disappeared since we do not see her in this episode. There is no follow-up to her cuddling with Rusty in the previous episode. Also, the “Gotcha!” game, which seemed to be a huge part of the previous episode, is not referenced at all.

Another disappointing thing about this episode is the producers’ carelessness in throwing around scientific jargon at an unsuspecting “Greek” audience. Being a senior chemistry major, I found any reference to organic chemistry or polymer science ludicrous.

“Greek” producers apparently failed out of organic chemistry courses and are trying to make up for it by pulling out random scientific terms anytime and everywhere. None of it was close to being authentic.

The producers, it seems, are running on a sputtering engine and have no desire to improve upon what has largely been flat drama, substance-free relationships, and a lot of bad acting.

When compared to previous popular teen-drama shows such as “Laguna Beach” and “The O.C.,” it becomes clear that “Greek” simply lacks any of the great ingredients that made those shows tick.

This episode, just as all previous episodes, leaves viewers with disappointment after watching unexciting, incoherent drama.

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