Robin Thicke continues to evolve

Amanda Pollard

In his third album “Something Else,” Robin Thicke evolves into a much more mature artist than in his previous projects. This album bares a striking resemblance to ’70s artists such as Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Stevie Wonder.

In the opening track “You’re My Baby” you’d swear you were listening to Marvin Gaye himself. And in other tracks such as “Loverman” and “Dreamworld” the references to Gaye and his music are uncanny. Not only is Thicke’s album a reflection on the music that greatly influenced him but a look into the life of a man born to a couple of wealthy entertainers, who ultimately married an African American actress (Paula Patton) and watched his music career soar.

The single “Dreamworld” is a look into a “perfect world” according to Thicke, and even refers to the trials Thicke and his wife have encountered involving their interracial relationship.

Probably the most popular track is the closing one featuring Lil’ Wayne, who these days seems to be on everyone’s album. However this time Lil’ Wayne fails to bring the song down with references to money, women, sex, and drugs. The song instead takes on a tone of persecution and the troubles faced by those who are not socially advantaged. I’d say this is one time Lil’ Wayne did well in a collaboration.

While the rest of the album is equally as fluid as these songs most of them are lost in the power of these few. However this album is far more polished than Thicke’s first two and shows an obvious evolution of his talent. For anyone that has enjoyed his work in the past, this CD is worth a listen. If you don’t enjoy soothing, sultry, and sensual music don’t even bother. Few songs on the album posses an upbeat tone and the CD itself is a homage to 70s’ soul music and the great artists that produced it.

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