Sex makes the male world go ’round

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky

Bryan Adams once sang,

“I can’t help it – there’s nothin’ I want more…Ya know it’s trueEverything I do – I do it for you.”

When most people hear that song, they either think about how good of a love song it is, or how cheesy it is. What most people do not realize is that Adams is really singing about sex here.

Shocking, I know. But, is it really?

Depending on whom you talk to, it is common knowledge that men think about sex anywhere from every five seconds to every 60 seconds. This common knowledge is false.

The closest scientific study done on this is by Alfred Kinsey, the first major pioneer in the research of human sexuality. About 54 percent of men think about sex every day or several times a day, according to Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

It’s true that men think about sex every day, so it should be no surprise that men are also motivated by sex in just about all aspects of life.

Senior psychology major Alexandra Haas partially agreed.

“From an evolutionary standpoint I guess it makes sense,” she said.

From a societal stance, it depends on the person, she explained, but for some men, it is all about sex.

I agree; not all men are out just for sex, but also love. However, those two things have one connecting factor: women (or men, depending on your preference). And no, animals do not count as a factor.

Maybe less than half the population may know what a PUA is, but acronyms like this are rising in popularity. PUA stands for Pickup Artist, a term that can be found in the non-fiction book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of the Pickup Artist” by Neil Strauss.

The book is about how men are learning to get women. Also, on VH1 you can see the show “The Pickup Artist,” which teaches men the same thing. They are also taught by one of the main characters from the book.

It is an undeniable reality that men are after one thing. We are in constant competition with each other. We are currently in college so we can get degrees, which we hope will get us high-paying jobs. Those high-paying jobs will get us the nice car, the stylish clothing, the fancy pad and a personal trainer that will work us until we get those cut bodies. All this work is done just so that we can attain a woman for the night, or for the rest of our lives.

What about nerds?

It is the same for nerds as well, just with different objectives in mind. Women in that field find it very attractive when you have a level 90 undead mage with cannibalistic abilities.

It really depends on what part of society you associate yourself with. Whether you are a redneck, nerd, jock, or average Joe, each social group has its own standards.

Ladies, let this not be a discouragement. Let it be an escalation of pride for how hard men are working to vie for your heart, or just to show off your panties to a bunch of freshmen in the boy’s bathroom for a dollar.

Mikhail Chernyavsky can be reached at [email protected].