Bored? What can students do after 10 p.m.?

Victor Nieto

As if straight out of a horror film, you slowly see the minute hand of the clock on your wall straddle across the 12 with the hour hand firmly set on the 10.

The two-hour rush of network reality TV programming has just ended and SportsCenter is on its third consecutive replay. Then seconds later, you get a text from your buddy Omar. “Party is canceled!”

You mutter a curse word under your breath and with a bit of haste, you look for and then grab the scene section of the newspaper that had been strewn about your room earlier in the morning.

“Death Sentence, The Nanny Diaries, Mr. Bean’s Holiday,” you say out loud before your voice trails off in a somber undertone.

Briefly you pull your attention toward your book stand and the thought of getting ahead on your studies and opening up your massive 900-page Media Law text passes through your mind – and with the same brevity passes out.

This is about the time when you realize that you have reached the proverbial purgatory of student life – the Zone-of-Boredom (ZOB).

The ZOB, which many believe to be during the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., has become a nefarious figure throughout many colleges. It has the potential to pervasively foul up an otherwise entertaining day, and in some extreme cases, can lead an eager party-animal towards the direction of a rigid scholar who only adheres to the dogma of studying.

Although the situation may sound dire, there is hope, and luckily the Sacramento area has a lot to offer during these hours that gives your body, stomach and mind an alternative to the mundane.

Time to get active

Haggin Oaks Driving Range-

The Haggin Oaks Golf Course is within a 10 minute drive from the Sacramento State campus with the driving range open 24 hours a day until October when the range will then close at midnight.

With a bucket of balls ranging from $4 (40 balls) to $12 (150 balls) you can work on your long irons and woods on one of the 100 hitting stalls. Another option is to go off toward the chipping greens next to the hitting stalls and work on your short game. Either way, be sure to bring your own clubs or borrow some from a neighbor because the rental shop closes at 7 p.m.

24 Hour Fitness-

According to a staff member at 24 Hour Fitness, “one of the best times to get an uninterrupted workout is late at night after 10 p.m.”

With no one to wait on, you can get a thorough workout at one of the 10 available 24 Hour Fitness locations in the Sacramento area, going from weight bench to cardio machines to racquetball courts or basketball courts with relative ease. If you are not already a member, most locations charge a one-time $10 fee.

Time to dance, drink and eat

The Park Ultra Lounge-

If you haven’t been to the Park by now, this may be the time. “It’s the best place to go in Sacramento to meet new, cool people,” said former Sac State student Josh Huizar.

The Park Ultra Lounge has been a common choice for numerous Sacramento celebrities and the 21 and up crowd alike. From Thursday to Sunday you can get your “club on” until about 2 a.m. for a cover charge that is $20 or less (subject to change during special events). However, be prepared to wait in line for a while on Friday and Saturday if you’re planning to attend after 10 p.m. It is located on 1116 15th St.

Ink Eats and Drinks-

This is great place to go with a couple of friends to feed that late night craving for food and to maybe strike up a late night conversation with some of the leftovers from the bar scene on 28th street.

Ink is open late all week, and from Thursday to Saturday it doesn’t shut its doors until 4 a.m. The menu specializes in appetizers such as chicken wings and macaroni and cheese, and entrees such as sandwiches, hamburgers and chili dogs. It is located on 2730 N St.

Time to think

Board Games-

Although the thought of board games might sound a bit trite and elementary, for many they’re great entertainment, especially the interactive games such as Taboo and any one of the Scene It? versions.

Games like Taboo and Scene It? allow for a small or large group of people to play and match wits against friends, driving up the fun and competition as the game goes along. Plus it’s pure comedy to see the other team get tongue-tied in a riddle or get stumped by simple “Simpsons” question.

Avoid Boredom

There is much optimism in the quest to avoid the ZOB but how you go about is solely arbitrary to you. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when that clock strikes 10 p.m. and the party scene is dry, the TV has become flavorless and movie list uninteresting, know that there are other options – options that can help you conquer and put to rest the Zone-of-Boredom.