Fun flings fulfill fantasies

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky

In a world where girls have gone wild and cameras capture our every drunken mistake, some cannot help but give in to the temptations of Spring Break.

With Spring Break quickly approaching, some have great plans for a dastardly fun week. Others have much more simple plans. Senior film studies major Michael Mastre is planning a simple trip down to Los Angeles. Others, like junior criminal justice major Lisa Tran, have plans that will lead them to Bodega Bay. She and some friends are renting a home for the week.

I, for one, will be enjoying a spring break trip with friends for the first time. My roommate and I will be driving down to Tijuana. Why, you ask? Well, for the adventure. Like any adventure involving a comic duo, we are hoping it is full of hazy nights, suppressed memories and beautiful chicas. This brings up many issues of safety. Tijuana is not the most ideal place to have a one-night stand. This I learned from a friend who spent the evening with a Mexican prostitute while on a mission trip. In exchange for his virginity, she gave him herpes.

This raises the question of whether a random hook up is acceptable. Sure, you may not sleep with a prostitute, but that does not mean you are going to sleep with the Virgin Mary.

“What if you’re drunk when you meet them?” Tran asked.

This is a legitimate question that makes one think. Can a night of alcohol-induced passion lead to something meaningful? In a party city, chances are that if you hook up with someone, it will be while intoxicated.

“They’re there for the fun,” Tran said. “It’s like friends with benefits.”

Spring Break is meant for fun, not drama. Like friends with benefits, we do not add our emotions to the mix. Although, at least with friends with benefits, you know they are clean. On a random day after you wake up from a night of drinking and someone is passed out by your side, chances are your first thought is not going to be, “Gee, this could be the start of something beautiful.”

Some are less cautious with their flings. Junior computer engineering major Diego Garcia is “110 percent in support” of spring flings. Garcia is heading to Mexico for Spring Break, and has had a spring fling in the past.

His friend Jesse Fernandez, a junior journalism major, jokingly voiced his support. “I’m for it, because I support children out of wedlock,” Fernandez said.

“It won’t work if it’s long distance,” Garcia said.

It is hard enough for some people who know each other to have a long-distance relationship. How long will one last with someone he or she just met? I had enough trouble keeping a pen pal for more than two months.

Getting past the disease infestation, it is also important to know that you are not shacking up with someone with an unstable mental capacity. After all, you don’t know this person. Giving out a phone number could be dangerous if you have not established the sanity level.

Garcia shared a perfect example. He had a fling with a girl for a few days. One day, the two were walking down the beach when they began to talk about pets. Garcia’s girl then told a story of how she killed her cat’s litter of kittens with a shovel, her reasoning being that she could not afford to keep them. Garcia responded by running away.

There is nothing wrong with having fun as long as you remember to play it safe. A spring fling is like a Cracker Jack prize: You just never know what you will get. Who knows? Maybe after you do a body shot and your eyes meet those of the stranger, it could be love. Just remember to be safe. As the saying goes, “Whatever happens on Spring Break follows you all the way back to Kaiser.” Mikhail Chernyavksy can be reached at [email protected]