Building continues despite rainy weekend

Greg Kane

Construction of Sacramento State?s 1,000-space parking structure remains on schedule despite the downpour of rain the area experienced during the weekend.

Though the rain left the construction site muddied and riddled with puddles, it shouldn?t set back the progress of the workers, said Director of Facilities Planning Ron Richardson. Work was expected to be slow Monday, but would likely pick up after that.

“There?s some effect, but nothing that?s going to slow them down,” Richardson said.

One reason the rain didn?t effect construction is that it occurred during the weekend, which are off-days for workers, Richardson said. It?s when precipitation begins to fall over long periods of time that it becomes a problem.

“If we get two weeks of rain solid, that?s when you really have effects,” he said.

Richardson said the contractors are entitled to extra time if weather is abnormal, but added that it hasn?t happened so far. A certain number of days are averaged out each month for anticipated weather problems. If the actual number exceeds the anticipated number, contractors are awarded those extra days.

For example, December averages 10 days of rain. “If we get 14 days of rain, the University would grant (the contractor) four extra days,” Richardson said.

Construction on the facility began in October, and is scheduled to take one year to complete. The University has stated that it would like to see the project finished earlier, possibly in time for the start of the fall 2002 semester, in order to lessen what is expected to be a massive student parking shortage.

Richardson said it?s too soon to tell whether the facility will be completed by August, but he is still optimistic.

“If we get terrible rain the next three months, that would affect the construction,” Richardson said. “(But) we?re not there yet.”