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Why you should choose weed over cigarettes

Why you should choose weed over cigarettes

Brittney Christ

September 20, 2015

Time Magazine just published a story revealing that college students are turning to marijuana versus tobacco products, particularly cigarettes.Time states, "The researchers report that one in every 17 college students is smoking marijuana daily or nearly every day." Cigarettes used to be popular among yo...

CVS Pharmacy ceases sales of tobacco products

State Hornet Staff

March 13, 2014

CVS Pharmacy announced in February they will no longer sell tobacco products beginning in October.This is a step in the right direction and will hopefully create a movement in the pharmaceutical community to follow the leader.Selling tobacco products seems to not align with a business that promotes being heal...

Sacramento State political groups raise awareness on campus, state issues

Jonathan Ayestas

February 26, 2014

With Sacramento State being home to a massive population of diverse races, orientations and ideals, the College Democrats and Republicans attempt to appeal to a wide range of issues students are interested in. While Democrats and Republicans have opposing views on what each believes is right, a common...

New tobacco-free policy stirs controversy

State Hornet Staff

January 28, 2014

Some students and faculty members remain in opposition of a new tobacco-free policy at Sacramento State.After last semester’s campaign led by the student-run organization, Hornets for a Healthy Hive, Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez and his staff studied the issue of tobacco use on campus and ...

Anti-tobacco group looks to speed up the process for a smoke-free campus

Kathleen Pizzo

November 15, 2013

Since forming in September, the student-led organization Hornets for a Healthy Hive has progressed in its goal of making Sacramento State the first California State University tobacco-free campus.What was initially a project for a communication studies class, has turned into a large campaign to protect student health, and has a...

President’s tobacco taskforce wants smoke-free campus in 2014

Sac State students spent four hours collecting tobacco waste and hauled in 8,929 pieces of waste.

State Hornet Staff

March 19, 2013

Having to walk through carcinogen-filled cigarette smoke while headed to class is an unpleasant experience for senior health science major Eric Kenoyer. “For our campus, going tobacco-free and smoke-free (would promote) a cleaner environment and is pro-health,” Kenoyer said. “It’s not only healthy fo...