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EDITORIAL: Use your votes; raise your voice

State Hornet Staff

November 28, 2012

During this election cycle, there was a question whether the youth vote in America would come out like they did in 2008 in support of Obama. One of the main reasons Obama came out on top was because of the huge push he got from people aged 18 - 29. Obama garnered 66 percent of the youth vote, while ...

All voters should be included

Samantha Gallegos

October 3, 2012

Public figures should be conscious that critical eyes are watching them at all times. Mitt Romney has proven to be oblivious of this fact. The Romney campaign has been filled with gaffes since its birth. Romney previously claimed the poor have a “safety net,” and it’s not his job to care about...

GOP choices offer US little improvement

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, left, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt
Romney, right, shake hands at a debate. They are the two
front-runners for the Republican Party.

Artie Valenzuela

October 12, 2011

President Barack Obama is now sleeping with one eye open and a little notebook for ideas on his nightstand. America's economy has gone from bad to worse over the years and the election is a little more than a year away. So, now that we have a chance to consider someone else as our next president, wh...